05 June 2010

Introducing FOUR POINTS: A New Kind Of Marketing Blog

Today I'm going to introduce an inaugural post from FOUR POINTS, a different kind of marketing blog. Actually this is merely a preview of forthcoming atractions ...

What is FOUR POINTS? A monthly post of four marketing folks spread across the globe. You'll get four opinions, sometimes shared but often not, on an interesting trend in the crazy world of marketing. As ideas spread across the globe with lightning speed, here's your chance to get a global perspective from just one blog.

Who is FOUR POINTS? Hilton, a marketing provocateur based in London. Joy, a marketing consultant in Malaysia specializing in the Muslim consumer. Ben, a digital maven from Austin, Texas. And of course, myself, a brandgelist and consultant who calls Singapore home.

Hilton Barbour

Each of us has had the opportunity to work with some of the world's most respected brands, but -- and here's the kicker -- within very different cultures and from totally diferent points on the map. We think this little mix could get kinda spicy.

We each manage an individual blog where you can get your fill of our own thinking on a myriad of oher subjects. Not surprisingly, you can also find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and on the end of the occasional tweet.

If there's a subject you'd like FOUR POINTS to tackle, just drop me a comment.

Looking forward to the dialogue.

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