02 April 2010

Two Brand Campaigns Square Off

Now this could really get interesting.

On the back of the launch of a much-debated brand campaign for Singapore (check out http://www.yoursingapore.com/) comes yesterday's announcement that Australia Tourism will soon launch a campaign that is the diametrical opposite of the local effort.

While Singapore's campaign offers tourists the chance to assemble and enjoy a customised itinerary during their Singapore sojourn -- in essence, making their holiday exactly the way they like it -- the Australian campaign invites locals to share photos of their favourite Australian holiday moments to create a new tourism campaign from the ground up. Their site (http://www.nothinglikeaustralia.com/) goes live on April 15th, with nine prizes (of dream holidays, no less) offered to get the creative juices flowing.

One campaign totally ignores the role local residents can play; the other is entirely dependent on their efforts for success. One campaign hands tourists the lead ("whatever you like, we'll deliver"); while the other leads tourists by the hand ("g'day, let us show you around").

A dispassionate observer will note the differences in the material that residents of both countries have to work with. Throw in cultural nuances, and you have all the ingredients of a fascinating case study in country branding and marketing.

I can't say with certainty which campaign will be more successful (though if you've read my previous post, you can probably guess which one I prefer).

In the meantime, have your say -- and watch this space.

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